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Wireless usb

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    is there such a thing as a wireless usb to usb. for example i want to connect my printer to my laptop and it would be really easy if i could simply plug a thing into the usb input on my laptop and plug a thing into the usb of the printer and it would work essentially as a wireless usb cable.

    basicaly im not to hot with computers and i cant get my head around printer sharing. also its not ideal to have to have my PC on when i need to print something, it wuold be much better with a direct link to the printer without having to by a new wifi printer.
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    There is a wireless USB standard but it has never really caught on because Bluetooth got there first.
    You can buy either a bluetooth USB printer server or a wifi (better) one for your printer and then connect using the either the built-in wifi in your laptop or adding a usb wifi adaptor.
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    Actually it's just starting to take over, and if I recall correctly it's has a much faster data-transfer rate to be compared to bluetooth.
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    Thanks, guys.
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