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Wiring diagrams: basic question

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    What is the difference between a circuit diagram and a wiring diagram.

    And while your at it can anyone explain the difference between diagram that routes fibers/ connections to from a battery to a lamp for example as opposed to the alternate... one that routes to the connector on the battery and the connector on the lamp?

    I have noticed wiring diagrams that only show connectors and those connections and others that show a complete system. Comments?
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    People who build equipment in assembly lines have no need for, nor any understanding of, circuit diagrams. They are paid for assembling the equipment, and wiring it up. A circuit diagram would only confuse them. The people I knew in Wiring and Assembly at HP in the mid-1950s didn't care whether a wire was connected to a (vacuum tube) grid or a plate.
    Bob S
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    A wiring diagram is a pictorial representation of a circuit diagram.

    Usually, the active devices, like transistors and ICs, are shown as they look with the pin connections etc shown in a real sequence. The internal functions of the devices are not shown.

    Sometimes a wiring harness is shown where it connects to a junction connector. This is typically done for auto electrical work where the numbers on the connector have to match the colors of the wires. What they actually do is not obvious

    Some devices, like computers, VCRs and TV sets have such complex wiring that the individual wires are not shown but they are numbered and you have to look for the same number on a different part of the circuit diagram. Unless this is well done, this system can become a nighmare.
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    thanks so much for the responses. I am creating wiring diagrams that connect from connectors to connectors. What would that be called?
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    I have referred to cable connector-to-connector wiring diagrams as cable connector pin-out diagrams. It usually includes a table showing which pin on one connector is connector to which pin on the other. Don't forget to show the connector shell grounds (to cable external shield).
    Bob S
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