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Wiring generator

  1. Oct 16, 2012 #1
    I have two wind turbines that I am trying to wire up for power generation. They are three phase wild ac. I have a charge controller setup with dump resistor but I want to know if I can take the wires and connect each of the three wires to their counter part from the other generator and then through a rectifier that is built into my charge controller setup?
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    Three phase generators can be connected in paralell only when they are "in phase" and can be expected to remain so. If one's phase tries to drift then maximum current tries to flow and that can mean smoke and fire! Accordingly, your two wind turbine three phase generators will probably need their power output rectified separately, and then summed together as DC.

    You have not given enough detailed information about your system to expect usable advice. Can you please provide make/model numbers of both the generators and the charge controller? Can you show your proposed wiring diagram? Is there any battery storage in your planned system? All the technical specifications of each element in the system would be useful. What does "three phase wild ac" mean? What is a "dump resistor"?

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    That won't work unless both turbines ran at exactly the same speed and were just alike. They will just short each other out.

    You can put rectifiers on each turbine before the charge controller and feed them both into it but the turbines will still tend to 'fight' each other electrically as it's unlikely they will both run at the exact same speed even if they were side by side.

    The proper way to do it is by getting a second charge controller. They will both work at the same time connected up to a battery system. Also the second controller might not need to have the dump function if the first one can handle the total possible output from both turbines. You'll have to check your controller manual for info on that.

    There are a number of wind turbine forum groups on the net (a couple of very good ones are on Yahoo) that can give you all the information you could want for setting up your system and it will be coming from people that have already done it and learned all the pitfalls.
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