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Homework Help: Wiring mystery

  1. Mar 12, 2010 #1
    have been told there is a way to make this mystery below work and cant figure it out. I know it wouldnt be up to code and i would never do it but if someone could hook me up with a wire diagram of how its done i really appreciate it. Im pretty sure switching the neutral is involved electrician,

    there are 7 three way switches and 7 lights and the switches need to work like described below and it also has to work in reverse from switch 7 back to switch 1. please please help

    ok, all the switches are 3 way, when u turn on switch 1, light 1 and 2 comes on when u hit switch 2, light 1 goes off and 2 and 3 come on, when u hit switch 3 light 2 goes off and 3 and 4 come on, when u hit switch 4 light 3 goes off and 4 and 5 come on, switch 5, light 4 off 5 and 6 come on, switch 6 5 goes off and 6 and 7 come on when u hit switch 7 they all go off, it has to work in both directions. . susposedly it has something to do with the way lights were wired in mines.
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    Andrew Mason

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    You will need single-throw double pole, three way switches. The second switch is wired as the second switch in the three-way control for light #1 and (using the second set of contacts) the first switch in the three-way control for light #2. Just repeat that for n lights.

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