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Wise and Lovely Virus

  1. Jul 7, 2004 #1
    I have "observed" a quite strange phenomenon which I don't know if this is virus or not..
    When I power on ny computer, there is a light flashing angrily and a irritative noise which I once had some guys checked to see if there is any errors in the sys, but they saw nothing, i dont know if they lied because they actually didnt want to help me or because they were bad at doing something like that, or because there were some other reasons unexplanable and "I myself dont know". Now, if such a thing happens, I can only press the reset button, but error message pops up then. "Error in your system, Error in your system", repeated twice,"See your vendor for more information!". I hate this MESS, I turn off my computer by cutting off all power.
    Is that a good decision, Fiona ?
    Yeah, you are good and smart to make such a decision !!!
    But then you know, when i try to plug in and turn on my computer again, another messsage pops up again on the left-top conner of my screen but written in strange characters "^&#6141^&%76@^%mul%#ti@&mal%26.6" :confused: but this time I can use my windows just fine. Unfortunately, I can only use computer for about 15 minutes and then everything turns off automatically. if i power on again, the previous message comes up again and then it repeats all the time.

    Is the a "messing" virus ? Is that a virus culture ? I mean such a way of being active is called wise and lovely in your culture ?
    Do you have any suggestions to get rid of it (them)? Or may I ask you to help me get rid of it (them) ?

    (Side note) I use term culture as "way of doing thing". Sorry, my engrish is bad and I cant use it as correctly as you can, please help me, Thanks.
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    sounds like hardware
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    What OS?

    hehe, said my message was too short...when I hit reply... needs atleast 10 characters...
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    Its rely sound like hardware!! Did you try to start in a safemode if so is their any error appered.
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