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Wish me luck

  1. Jan 4, 2006 #1
    tomorrow are my interviews for work.
    i got about 6 interviews in a row, and its my first time being interviewed, so its pretty scarry...
    i havent studied anything for it, so i hope their technic questions wont be too hard... im terrible in remembering stuff, i only remember base principles and build it all from scratch (which i cant when im interviewed...)

    well, not that it interests anyone too much... i just had to post it because im nervous :biggrin:
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    Good luck, wishing you.
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    I don't know you.
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    They will ask you about work experience. That will be their number one concern. I was at work and they interviewed on guy. He was like yeah, I just finished a masters. I did some TA-ing. They didn't need to hire a teacher, and he had no real work experience, so they did not want to hire him in that group. Hopefully he got lucky at a different group. Do you have any experience, if so MENTION IT! Oh yeah, and when you go to your interview, READ UP ABOUT THE COMPANY! and be sure to ask questions and discuss what they are currently working on, otherwise u show no real interest in the company, and they wont bother to hire you. Plus, good luck!
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    Good luck with your interviews.

    I agree with what Cyrus mentioned, particularly about knowing about the company. See if you can find a website for each company.

    Also, not only knowing about the company, but have some knowledge about the industry.
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    Good luck! :cool:
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    thanks, i dont have any real experience, i just tought some people here and there as a private teacher and had a class for learning C... i told them that, but i dont think it matters to them...

    anyway, i think some of my interviews went well, i explained about an experiment i did lately, and some of them wanted me to explain how things work, (e.g. LCD, rainbows, bat's sonar try and build a fax machine (a primitive model of it))

    there were 10 interviews, and they took a whole day, i had such a headach in the end of it all, i just ate and went to bed...

    anyway, i really just wanted to say thanks for wishing me luck, but i got carried away :biggrin:
  9. Jan 6, 2006 #8
    then, pleased to meet you, my (screen) name is fargoth, how do you do? :biggrin:
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