With a double major in another science, BA vs. BS in Physics?

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    Evening everyone,

    I come to you with the age old BA vs. BS question with an added twist. I plan to double major in Chemistry and Physics, and I'm a junior transfer to Emory University. I'd like a math/bio minor, but that's another story. My previous school had pretty flexible course offerings in the summer and academic year, but here, not so much. The courses are restricted to being in sequence and little to no electives are offered during the summer either. I also came from a school where organic chem and general physics were always filled up (at least, by the time I got my enrollment appointment) and no overrides were ever given. This inflexibility is making me nervous because I don't want to graduate late.

    The BS requires 9 classes versus the BA which has 2 core courses plus 2 electives, one of which I'm sure can be research. The Chemistry BS vs. BA seems to make little difference since the requirements are nearly the same. I know that a BS generally reflects a deeper, more challenging curriculum so I plan to stick with those courses if I choose the BA. I may be interested in the pre-professional route, but research/lab jobs, and gov't work also interest me. But what do you guys advise? Is a BA or BS going to make a difference in any situation (if you're dedicated, slacking, in a box, with a mouse, etc.)?
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