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Withdrawal or a C grade?

  1. Nov 10, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I have a quick question, hopefully. What do you think would look better to a grad school, or rather, what would be the lesser evil, getting a C in a non major course, or a big fat W? If it matters, I have 3.7-3.8 gpa, and my lowest grade so far is a B+ (senior standing but with a couple more years to go).

    I have 2 withdraws so far, but were from a different institution during my first year.

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    Never had a W before, so let me ask you this, can you retake the class to get a better grade? Or maybe you should flunk the class intentionally and retake it since you have a couple more years to go.
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    I can't replace the grade on it, so flunking it isn't an option, and i don't think i will be retaking it either, though i might change my mind down the road on retaking it.
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    i'd take the C... don't think grad schools will really look into your non-major GPA very heavily... a W just screams "you gave up"...
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    I'm also debating dropping a class... but I'm not even sure whether or not ill be able to get a c. I just didn't anticipate that the class would be so difficult for me. My teacher wont take pity on me either. I've got quite a bit at stake too... I'm ranked 37th in my class, so my GPA is quite good relative to the norm. Any suggestions?

    PS sorry for hijacking the thread.
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    If you need that course and you'd have to take it again, take the C. If you don't need it and you think there's something else you could take you'd enjoy more, go with the W. One C or one W won't matter all that much in the big scope of things. A whole bunch of them is when it looks bad.

    As far as grad schools go, a 3.7 vs a 3.8 vs a 3.9 is a tiny tiny consideration. Your recommendation letters and statement of purpose will be far more important. They admissions committee is looking for a person that can *do well* in their program. And they'll take a passionate person with a lower GPA over a 4.0 student with lackluster intentions any day.
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    Sorry for digging up an old thread but it is related to my question.

    I got admitted to a good ChemE grad school for Fall 09 but I think I may walk away with a C in my Probability Theory class this semester. My other grades are fine and I'm not a math major (I'm a math minor). Maybe I'm overreacting but will schools reevaluate their decision to admit me when they see that grade?
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    This depends on what is says in your offer of admission. Most offers for example, are provisional with respect to completion of your undergraduate degree by a particular date. I would also think that many include the provision that your average remain above the minimum for admission to the schoold and/or department. However, once the offers have gone out, I highly doubt that there are many schools that will reconvene their admissions committees at a later date just to double check the status of the candidates they have admitted.
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