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Witten publications

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    Here are the publications of Ed Witten before 1980. I have used a small typeface for non single author publications. It is very interesting to remark the training of elementary particle theory, and to wonder how many of their "followers" can claim it.

    Nucl.Phys.B104:445-476,1976. Heavy Quark Contributions To Deep Inelastic Scattering.

    Nucl.Phys.B122:109,1977. Short Distance Analysis Of Weak Interactions.
    Phys.Rev.Lett.38:121,1977 Some Exact Multi -...
    Phys.Rev.D16:2991,1977. A SUPERSYMMETRIC FORM ...
    Nucl.Phys.B120:189-202,1977. Anomalous Cross-Section For Photon - Photon Scattering In Gauge Theories.

    Phys.Rev.D17:2134,1978. THE S MATRIX OF THE SUPERSYMMETRIC ...
    Nucl.Phys.B142:285,1978. SOME PROPERTIES OF THE (psi-bar PSI)**2 MODEL IN TWO-DIMENSIONS.
    Phys.Lett.B77:394,1978. An Interpretation Of Classical Yang-Mills Theory
    Phys.Lett.B78:97,1978. Supersymmetry Algebras That Include Topological Charges.
    Nucl.Phys.B141:349,1978, THE S MATRIX OF THE KINKS OF THE (psi-bar PSI)**2 MODEL.

    Nucl.Phys.B145:110,1978. Chiral Symmetry, The 1/N Expansion, And The Su(N) Thirring Model.

    Annals Phys.120:72,1979. A Slowly Moving Particle In A Two-Dimensional Magnetic Field.
    Nucl.Phys.B149:285,1979. Instantons, The Quark Model, And The 1/N Expansion.
    Nuovo Cim.A51:325,1979. Theta Vacua In Two-Dimensional Quantum Chromodynamics.
    Nucl.Phys.B160:57,1979. Baryons In The 1/N Expansion
    Nucl.Phys.B156:269,1979 Current Algebra Theorems For The U(1) 'Goldstone Boson'
    Phys.Rev.D20:1216,1979. A Diagrammatic Analysis Of Some Contributions To The Delta I = 1/2 Rule.
    Phys.Lett.B86:283-287,1979. DYONS OF CHARGE e theta / 2 pi.
    Phys.Lett.B88:123,1979 Chiral Estimate Of The Electric Dipole Moment Of The Neutron In Quantum Chromodynamics.

    Phys.Lett.B91:81,1980. Neutrino Masses In The Minimal O(10) Theory.
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    And this is the 1980-1985 series, were Witten is induced into the dark side of the force. Note that in 1980 he was even predicting the mass of neutrinos (see also http://ccdb4fs.kek.jp/cgi-bin/img_index?8008237 [Broken]! I am boldfacing topcite 1000+ papers, and underlining some other interesting ones.

    Phys.Lett.B91:81,1980. Neutrino Masses In The Minimal O(10) Theory.
    Phys.Lett.B91:392,1980. Conservation Laws In Some Two-Dimensional Models.
    Annals Phys.128:363,1980. Large N Chiral Dynamics.
    Phys.Rev.Lett.45:100,1980. Chiral Symmetry Breakdown In Large N Chromodynamics. (with Coleman)
    Phys.Lett.B96:59,1980. Limits On Massless Particles.(with Weinberg)
    Phys.Rev.D21:446-453,1980. Possible Third Order Phase Transition In The Large N Lattice Gauge Theory (with Gross).

    Nucl.Phys.B177:477,1981 Cosmological Consequences Of A Light Higgs Boson.
    Nucl.Phys.B178:491,1981. Dynamical Properties Of Antisymmetric Tensor Fields. (with Deser)
    Nucl.Phys.B186:412,1981. Search For A Realistic Kaluza-Klein Theory.
    Commun.Math.Phys.80:381,1981. A Simple Proof Of The Positive Energy Theorem
    Nucl.Phys.B188:513,1981. Dynamical Breaking Of Supersymmetry.
    Phys.Lett.B105:267,1981. Mass Hierarchies In Supersymmetric Theories.
    Astrophys.J.250:423-431,1981. The Formation Of Galaxies From Massive Neutrinos.

    Nucl.Phys.B195:481,1982. Instability Of The Kaluza-Klein Vacuum.
    J.Diff.Geom.17:661-692,1982. Supersymmetry and Morse theory.
    Nucl.Phys.B202:253,1982 Constraints On Supersymmetry Breaking.
    Phys.Lett.B115:202,1982. Quantization Of Newton's Constant In Certain Supergravity Theories.
    Nucl.Phys.B206:413,1982 Instantons And (Super)Symmetry Breaking In (2+1)-Dimensions
    Phys.Lett.B118:103-106,1982. The Gauge Invariant Supersymmetric Nonlinear Sigma Model.

    Phys.Lett.B117:324-328,1982. An Su(2) Anomaly.

    Nucl.Phys.B222:1,1983. Matter Couplings In N=2 Supergravity
    Nucl.Phys.B223:422-432,1983 Global Aspects Of Current Algebra.
    Nucl.Phys.B223:433-444,1983. Current Algebra, Baryons, And Quark Confinement.
    Nucl.Phys.B228:552,1983 Static properties of nucleons in the Skyrme model.
    Phys.Rev.Lett.51:2351,1983. Some Inequalities Among Hadron Masses.

    Philadelphia 1983, Proceedings, D = 10 Superstring Theory.

    Nucl.Phys.B234:269,1984. Gravitational Anomalies.
    Nucl.Phys.B234:173,1984. Restrictions On Symmetry Breaking In Vector - Like Gauge Theories.

    Commun.Math.Phys.92:455-472,1984. Nonabelian Bosonization In Two-Dimensions.
    Nucl.Phys.B239:161,1984. Monopole Catalysis Of Skyrmion Decay. (with Callan)
    Phys.Rev.D30:272-285,1984. Cosmic Separation Of Phases.
    Commun.Math.Phys.95:257,1984. Eigenvalue Inequalities For Fermions In Gauge Theories.
    Phys.Rev.Lett.53:535,1984. Parity Conservation In Qcd.

    Phys.Lett.B149:351-356,1984 Some Properties Of O(32) Superstrings (oct 1984).

    Nucl.Phys.B249:557-592,1985. Superconducting Strings. (sept 1984)
    Phys.Rev.D31:3059,1985. Detectability Of Certain Dark Matter Candidates.
    Nucl.Phys.B261:678-686,1985 Strings On Orbifolds
    Phys.Lett.B160:398-402,1985. Supersymmetric Sigma Models And The Heterotic String.
    Nucl.Phys.B261:651,1985. Electric And Magnetic Charges In Superstring Models.
    Phys.Lett.B159:265,1985. Bosonic String Algebras.
    Commun.Math.Phys.101:341,1985. New Manifolds For Superstring Compactification.
    Phys.Lett.B156:55,1985 Gluino Condensation In Superstring Models.

    Commun.Math.Phys.100:197,1985. Global Gravitational Anomalies.
    Nucl.Phys.B258:75,1985. Symmetry Breaking Patterns In Superstring Models.
    Phys.Lett.B155:151,1985 Dimensional Reduction Of Superstring Models.
    Phys.Lett.B153:243,1985. Cosmic Superstrings.
    Nucl.Phys.B258:46-74,1985. Vacuum Configurations For Superstrings.

    Beyond 1985 probably it is not worthwhile to list the "small case" collaboration papers, as there is a kind of explosion. I think Marcus did some bibliography study in the other subforum time ago. 1986 contains interesting single papers, including the one trying to reformulate strings as non commutative geometry. It predates Connes-Lott models.
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    single papers

    1986 single papers.

    Nucl.Phys.B268:253,1986. Noncommutative Geometry And String Field Theory.
    Nucl.Phys.B268:79,1986. New Issues In Manifolds Of Su(3) Holonomy.
    Int.J.Mod.Phys.A1:39,1986 Topological Tools In Ten-Dimensional Physics.
    Nucl.Phys.B266:245,1986. Twistor - Like Transform In Ten-Dimensions.
    Nucl.Phys.B276:291,1986. Interacting Field Theory Of Open Superstrings.

    Note that here appears already the rest of traditional topics: Twistors, and Noncommutative Geometry. Let me note that Alain Connes got his field medal in 1982 and "Introduction to noncommutative differential geometry" was the theme or a Workshop in 1984, publ 1985. But Connes-Lott "Particle models and noncommutative geometry" was not reported until 1990. Of course, as Witten points out, the idea goes back to von Neumann.

    Another issue is the question of bypassing the higgs model with the use of extra dimensions. Connes gets to do the trick with +0 extra dimensions in 1990, but the extra dimensional idea appears already in Witten 1981, and I suspect that it was a previous folklore.
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