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Witten's paper.Strings+Twitor space

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    Parity Invariance For Strings In Twistor Space
    Authors: Edward Witten
    Comments: 18 pp

    Topological string theory with twistor space as the target makes visible some otherwise difficult to see properties of perturbative Yang-Mills theory. But left-right symmetry, which is obvious in the standard formalism, is highly unclear from this point of view. Here we prove that tree diagrams computed from connected $D$-instanton configurations are parity-symmetric. The main point in the proof also works for loop diagrams

    Is this the last paper of Witten about strings before he renounces to string theory?

    oops sorry for the title. I meant "twistor" :redface:
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    twitor-----pronounced twitter-----sounds fine to me (twitter means excitement: "in a twitter" and "all a-twitter", and also is a noise made by
    large numbers of small birds)

    Two PF posters, Andy Neitzke and Lubos Motl, are to be congratulated
    on the fact that Witten cited papers coauthored by each.

    [9] A. Neitzke and C. Vafa, “N = 2 Strings And The Twistorial Calabi-Yau,” hep-th/0402128.

    [15] N. Berkovits and L. Motl, “Cubic Twistorial String Field Theory,” hep-th/0403187.
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