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Homework Help: WKB eigenvalue problem

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    This is just a quick question -- I'm puzzled by the way this answer sheet represents the potential function.

    The question asks us to determine the energy eigenvalues of the bound states of a well where the potential drops abruptly from zero to a depth Vo at x=0, and then increases linearly with position x until at x=a the potential is again zero.

    They write:

    [tex]V(x) = \frac{V_{0}x}{a}[/tex]
    [tex]E = V(b) = \frac{V_{0}b}{a}[/tex]

    where b is some point between x=0 and x=a.

    But surely the correct representation of the potential function is

    [tex]V(x) = V_{0}\left(\frac{x}{a}-1\right)[/tex]

    so that V(0) = -Vo, and V(a) = 0. But, using my potential function, I end up with a somewhat different expression for the energy eigenvalues, in the end, than they do. Why do they do it that way? And what's wrong with my pot. function??

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    There's nothing wrong with your function; if your description of the problem is a faithful reproduction (which is why we prefer if the original question is reproduced verbatim, rather than paraphrased) then "they" got it wrong.
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    Ok. Thanks for confirming that.
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