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WMAP Inflationary Potential

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    This looks interesting.

    Clarifying Inflation Models: The precise Inflationary Potential
    from effective field theory and the WMAP data
    D. Cirigliano, H.J. de Vega, N.G. Sanchez
    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/astro-ph/pdf/0412/0412634.pdf [Broken]

    Any comments?
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    To quote from the conclusion:

    "Without the presence of the mass scales [itex] m [/itex] and [itex] M_{\textrm{GUT}} [/itex], there is no hope in String theory to get a correct inflationary cosmology describing the observed CMB fluctuations."

    That's not to say that M-theory can't do it. But how?

    Here, [itex] m [/itex] is the inflaton mass scale, and it is argued that it satisfies the relation

    [tex] m \simeq \frac{M_{\textrm{GUT}}^{2}}{M_{\textrm{pl}}} [/itex]
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    It just means the dynamics of String theory must account for that scale, which is well known to be what probably happens. Currently, your guess is as good as any phenomenological experts in that field though as to what *the* correct model is, there are literally dozens across the literature that output 1 or more GUT scales. If you add extra constraints (like getting the proper fcnc suppression, and Cabibo fermion matrices) they all flunk at some point or another. But thats WIP, a lot of people suspect there is enough freedom to output many models that fit all experimental bounds, then its just a question of choosing the simplest (least amount of exotics, etc).
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    Thank you, Haelfix.

    What about the SUSY scale mathching [itex] M_{\textrm{GUT}} [/itex] ?
    Is this also standard stuff?

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    What horizon is this crossed by the wavelengths? Is possible that is the so-called sound horizon?
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