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Wobble Hypothesis

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    Using the wobble hypothesis and the genetic code, calculate the minimum number of tRNAs that a cell can utilize to pair up with 61 codons.

    How do I carry this out?

    - We know that there are 4 different bases: A,C,U,G (No T in RNA)

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    A codon has a sequence of 3 nucleotides, but the wobble theory applies to the last one, meaning that the most important nucleotides are the first two. This means that the amount of tRNAs required by disregarding the wobble hypothesis (61) can be reduced by a fractional amount.
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    ok ty! But, now, as I have two "important" areas for nucleotides and we have a possibility of 4 nucleotides in each would the minimum number of tRNAs be 16?
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    Are the 61 codons all different?
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    it doesn't tell you, but i would assume so. I don't think that is a matter for this question.
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