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Wollaston Prism (Optics)

  1. Feb 7, 2005 #1

    I have a question concerning the angle of deviation of the rays that exit out of the wollaston prism. (A wollaston prism is basically composed of two different crystal orientated blocks cemented together, each having a different index of refraction depending on the optical axis)

    My homework question is, calculate the angle of deviation given the transverse index of refraction as 1.4864 and the imminent optical axis index of refraction as 1.6584. The wedge angle is 45°.

    The ray is incident on the prism as:

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    how hard could this problem be? apply snell's law 2 times.......... the rest is a tiny little bit of geometry.......................
    tell me which part you get stuck, the snells law? or the geometry?
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