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Woman Attacked By Toilet in UK

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    Now you know what happens when you plug toilets into the matrix...
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    "The first old lady was old Mrs. Humphrey.
    She twisted and turned until she was comfey.
    But when she was done she could not get her rump free,
    And nobody new she was there"

    -From 7 old ladies locked in the lavatory

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    I once walked into one of those things at the train station, I didn't know how fast to get out. Basically it is completely metal, you throw in a coin and the door opens, you walk in and it takes about a minute for the door to lock.. there no buttons or whatever. Then the room itself.. it looked like they completely fill it with water after each use, everything was wet, water beamers in each corner. I imagined it would not notice me standing in there and start spouting water, or that someone would throw a coin and the door would open. So after a short contemplation I managed to make my way out by pushion an electronic button, which I was able to find.

    It DID pass me mind though: what would happen if someone passed out here, slipt and fell, or if the button would simply be out of order? There is no way to get out! Well.. apparently it happens
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    Re: Re: Woman Attacked By Toilet in UK

    Sounds like quite an ordeal... id rather just use a tree. At least then I wont be at risk of drowning and id be helping the environment (so long as it doesnt get into groundwater).
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    Re: Re: Woman Attacked By Toilet in UK

    Are you saying you were too frightened to even use the facilities?

    Actually, the part about everything being wet is pretty unsettling. It sounds like there is some kind of automatic spray system. It would be frightening to be caught inside when that started up.

    I haven't heard anything about these toilets before I happened on this story. I don't think anyone has tried deploying them in the US.
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    I remember hearing about that somewhere.

    That article is hilarious!
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    Re: Re: Re: Woman Attacked By Toilet in UK

    Yes, there was an automatic spray system and the door didn't want to close initially. Makes you wonder whether it knows someone's in there :P

    Also makes you wonder, when everthing is sprayed down, how clean the place is. I mean, bugs are happily blasted from one corner to the other, and then allowed to multiply when all is wet
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