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Woman Tried to Pass Fake $1M Bill

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    Just thought we could all use a bit of humor.

    COVINGTON, Ga. - A woman was caught trying to use a fake $1 million bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at a Wal-Mart, and was later found with two more of the bills in her purse, police said.

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  3. Mar 9, 2004 #2
    What a dumbass.
  4. Mar 9, 2004 #3
    Wow how did they catch that one?
  5. Mar 10, 2004 #4
    Since the treasury doesn't actually make 1 M dollar bills, I wonder whose face they put on the fake ones? Someone who ran for president but didn't win?
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    Since it was FAKE, would it make more sense to have Bush's picture on it?
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    It should have a picture of Al Gore on it
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    jimmy p

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    I like this bit of useless information

    "Covington is 32 miles southeast of Atlanta."

    Like we care. lol. However i feel that this snippet of American geography has pushed everything that i have learned today at college OUT of my brain. DAMN DAMN!! however next time someone asks me where Covington is I will be ON THE BALL!!
  9. Mar 10, 2004 #8
    Actually, it had the Statue of Liberty on it. She said her husband gave it to her. Guess who's in big trouble when their wife finally gets back from walmart!
  10. Mar 10, 2004 #9
    Wait, I like the fact that she tried to but the stuff with $2.00 worth of gift cards first, before pulling out the magical million dollar bill. Dammit, she was getting her lawn chairs and frozen burritos, one way or another!
  11. Mar 10, 2004 #10


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    Lawn chairs and burritos? This is Wal Mart we're talking about. She probably had a few dozen shotguns in her cart.

  12. Mar 10, 2004 #11
    "Oh, I dont have $2.32 with me... can you break a million dollars?"

    hehe. She should have went to absurdity and tried to cash in a fake quadrillion dollar bill.
  13. Mar 10, 2004 #12


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    Did she think that the store would actually have enough money to give her change back? That's $998,325.00. I guess they could just put it in the shopping cart, along with the guns, burritos & lawn chairs.
  14. Mar 10, 2004 #13


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    You know of the story of the man who deposited a fake advertisment check worth $99k, and actually got the money transferred into his account?
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