Woman's opinion needed: should I go w/ short hair or longer hair?

  1. I've had the same haircut for my entire life (the typical clean regular haircut). I haven't cut it in almost 4 months now and it is starting to get long. I was thinking about going with a longer hair style this time to try something different, and mostly because I've simply stopped caring anymore. I think I could pull off a henrik zetterberg type of hairdo:


    or should I go back to the typical clean cut:


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  3. Hepth

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    If you can actually pull off Hank's cut its pretty badass... I wish my hair would flow like that.
  4. BobG

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    I think the key is how fast and graceful he's skating. Notice how he holds his head high above his feet as he skates.

    If you do things like this:

    or this:

    your hair never looks very good.
  5. Borek

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    Problem is... women opinion doesn't count. It is woman opinion that is important.
  6. I'm shaving my head tonight. I watched American History X yesterday, and now I'm kind of stoked on close shaven heads:
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  7. Never mind length, we need your opinion on color.
  8. Evo

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    Definitely longer.
  9. lisab

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    Definitely shorter.
  10. Borek

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    That's exactly what I meant.

    You need to ask Miss Right, as opinion of Miss Left can destroy your chances.
  11. BobG

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    Well, I drew a face on my left hand and put a blonde wig on it and drew a face on my right hand and put a brunette wig on it. Seeing as how Miss Left is much more attractive than Miss Right, I think I'll listen to the opinion of Miss Left.

    (The fact that I'm right handed and can't draw worth a damn with my left hand might have had a lot to do with the attractiveness part.)
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