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Women and heart disease

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    Apparently it has been thought that heart disease is mostly a men's disease.

    But - Since 1984, more women than men have died each year from heart disease. Heart disease is now the No. 1 killer of women, causing more deaths than all cancers combined! And yet only 56 percent of American women realize that heart disease is their greatest health threat!

    The risk of heart disease is increasing in younger women (ages 29-45)! Often the first symptom of heart disease is 'sudden death'! Well, then it's too late.


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    NHS General-Practitioners are gatekeepers who filter which patients get to see a consultant. 40 years ago women with angina didn't get sent to the cardiologist because they weren't as economically-active as today , whereas if their their tax-paying husband had angina he would be sent so he could be kept alive and well and in-work and paying taxes.

    So the NHS cardiologists got the false impression heart-disease was predominantly male, because of the NHS GP filtering process designed to minimize the cost of illness to the state , ( which is the function of the NHS ).
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    Perhaps within some countries/societies, but generally? "Low physical activity" is the most suspicious item on the list given all the labor saving devices (washing machines, dish washers, vacuums) that have eliminated the aerobic drudgery of the 19th and first half of 20th centuries.

    On the other hand, "thar's gold in them thar diagnoses" and the pharmaceuticals prescribed to "treat/control" risk factors, plus kudos for over-diagnosing (leads to opportunities to brag about medical advances; we save 97% of people at risk today compared to only one patient out of ten a hundred years ago). Padding statistics with "straw men," so to speak. Heart disease has move into first place as much due to a difference in measurement, reporting, and diagnostics as to general health. Pick your position, and be prepared to abandon it because there ain't no good measurements or statistics to back up any position you choose.
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    I have just recently been diagnosed with genetic heart disease, my family has a long history of it. I'm actually glad, we die quickly and don't have any cancer or other debilitating long term diseases. It also means I could pass any time pretty much without warning. Unfortunately I have severe adverse reactions to medicines they've prescribed. I'd rather go quickly. My cardiologist and his staff are wonderful people.

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