Women are more true and intense lovers than men

  1. It is my general experience and observation that women are more true and intense lovers than men. Though, I myself am a male, there is no reason to lie about it. And, well, I'm not a cheater. What is your thinking on this?
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  3. i think it is a ruse, and that you really don't want to go there.
  4. Got anything to back that up jackson6612?

    I strongly disagree and think it comes down to the individual.
  5. Integral

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    It aint wise to generalize.
  6. I need some definitions to accompany the sweeping generalisations, jackson6612. Define "intense lovers", please.

    (Sidenote: I don't foresee this conversation going anywhere good unless comedy breaks out.)
  7. radou

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    I second that, and btw, what would be the Sisters' official definition of an "intense lover"? :biggrin:
  8. DaveC426913

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    We need to do some testing.
    Ladies, please line up to the right.
    I'll volunteer.
  9. You'll volunteer for what ?
  10. radou

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    *raises hand* Me too.

  11. It's not *my* thread title, therefore it's not incumbent upon me to define words, parametres, and whatnot. (Keep an eye out for the 'whatnot'.)
  12. turbo

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    I vote for the gender dichotomy to be removed. At least in my younger years (IMO) women tend to be pretty mobile and non-committal. Of course my experience was during the advent of "the pill", so who knows what that could translate into today's setting. Still, in the mid-to-late 60's, it seemed to me that some ladies were bed-hopping and having a great time while some neanderthals were still tying to figure out why they weren't getting any action.
  13. I agree with turbo-1. There's no real difference between men and women. More true and intense lovers?! No way
  14. Lisa!

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    To men love is all about sex and love making!:rofl:

    PS:Don't kill me.I was kidding...:uhh:
  15. I also like to hold hands, have tickle fights, and cuddle :wink:
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