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Women in UK get 2 year old kids to fight each other

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    A journalist in the UK today said that UK citizens should not feel that the USA is a sicker place than the UK,despite the Virginia Tech massacre,because we have recently heard of some women in the UK getting 2 year old children to kick the s*** out of each other and videoing the proceedings and another woman forcing children to eat faeces and hitting them with metal bars.Also we have had the Dunblane massacre in Scotland and Hungerford massacre in England in the last 20 years.But would someone who lived through the massacre of one million people in Rwanda or someone who is currently living in Darfur in Sudan think that what has happened in the USA or UK is so bad?
    Is a sense of horror a relative feeling or an absolute feeling?
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    relative...if u experince something bad every day it becomes normal
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    I think it was George Carlin (comedian) who said things are more interesting when they're closer to you. 10000 people dying in China is nothing. 30 people getting shot at the local gas station is something.
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    vary relative unfortunately.

    just the other day there were close to 200 people killed in car bombs in iraq but that story hasn't had close to as much media coverage as the school shooting did, even though the number of dead and injured was much much more, and much less discriminate. this thing with car bombs killing tons of people seems to happen about every week in iraq so this isnt vary out of the ordinary.
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    Ah, yes, my favorite philosopher :)
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    "Sicker" in the sense you have just used is relative, we also had the holocaust in the past 60 years, why not mention that too? If you wanted to talk about whether a feeling is absolute or not (which it obviously isnt, since it is a "feeling") then why not ask it rather than take 4 totally abstract and unrelated events in the past 20 years (apart from they were bad, and happened in the UK and US) and thread them together with a quote of some unknown and unmentioned journalist?
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