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Women's History

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    Women in the late 18th century and Marriage

    During the late 18th century, women from wealthy class are usually required to marry those of the same class. And then a portrait is made of the women (if from wealthy class).

    Is there any proof that shows this is true? Or is it not true?

    I have 2 portraits and I have to see the similarities of it. I have to use this along with 5 more images to show how it shaped American Women Identity. Like the 2 pictures I am looking at have the wife both wearing / posture of the tradition of the husband.

    But like I said is there any textbook proof to state this?
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    Social status was very important during that time and you seldom married beneath your class, male or female.

    I have no idea what a painted portrait has to do with it. Are you thinking of stories like those of aristocracy in Europe that had only seen the person they are to marry in a small portrait before actually meeting? That would not be normal in 18th century America.
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    No, I have two portraits and must write the message behind it. Like the deeper meaningof it to show Women's Identity in America fom 1750-1850.

    And I got that out of it, or from the information that was provided by the art gallery.
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    What other sources of information have you tried? I take it, this is homework?
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