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Wondering what i should be

  1. Apr 26, 2012 #1
    i am really interested in developing theories and furthering current theories like super string theory. i was trying to find out what kind of physicist i should be. first, i was wondering about quantum, particle, and astrophysics. next, if it should be applied or theoretical. i was just wondering which of these fields would let me form new theories about the universe and expand on existing theories about string theory or higgs bozons and whatnot. also wondering what school i should go to for these
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    also was wanting to learn about collapsing waves of probability and whatnot
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    You'd start with a major in physics. You can do that at most colleges and universities. You don't have to pick a specific field until grad school or later, and there's really no point until you've taken a few classes and gotten some experience in the field. What sounds cool before you've studied it might not be as interesting after you learn more, or when you learn that most other physicists don't take it seriously.
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    i just wanted to be theoretical because i thought that they were the ones who studied string theory. so what branch of physics studies string theory and the like?
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