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Wondering what Meteorology is about

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    Hey everyone, I've been wondering what meteorology is about...especially as a career, and in university. I've always wanted to do computer engineering...just cause I like computers, and figured thats the thing to do...but I heard Meteorology does a lot of weather stuff too, is there anyway I can do stuff with computers and do Meteorology, to study cloud formations, and other things? THe problem is I like to see things made practical, I wouldn't want to fly around the world studying the earth all day, I'd want to make it like...weather engineering...is this possible?

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    Seems you would enjoy modelling. The most powerful computers in the world are probably found in atmospheric and ocean physics. It is quite possible to do meteorology you entire life with nothing but computers. It helps with short and long-term forecasting. The people who continually warn us about global warming are in this field.
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