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Wonders are Many - the making of an opera about the Bomb

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    "Wonders are Many" - the making of an opera about the Bomb

    I just finished watching a program called "Wonders are Many" on PBS, in the "Independent Lens" series. It's about the making of the John Adams / Peter Sellars opera "Doctor Atomic," about the run-up to the first atomic bomb test, with J. Robert Oppenheimer as the lead character. The program mixes snippets of rehearsals, interviews with Adams, Sellars, some of the performers, physicist Freeman Dyson, archival interviews with Oppenheimer and other people who were at Los Alamos, archival footage of Los Alamos and the test site, etc. You even get to see the replica of the Bomb trucked from the shop to the opera house, through the streets of San Francisco. Fascinating stuff. Keep an eye out for repeats on your local PBS station if you're interested. (There's one coming up in ten minutes here.)

    I read somewhere a few days ago that "Doctor Atomic" is going to be released on Blu-ray (and probably regular DVD) in March.
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