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Wont boot. help needed.

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    I have an pentium 3 500mhz, when bi turn it on i get the following message on the first screen : PXE Error check cable, i assume that it means the drive data cables, so i changed them all, still the same problem remains. can anyone help
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    Try checking your boot options in the BIOS to see what they are set for. Were you trying to boot from a network, or an internal drive?
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    My guess would be "pxe" is power supply. Try reaseating the power cables.
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    PXE stands for Network Preboot Execution Environment, which is a system in the network card that allows the computer to be booted remotely, I assume you are trying to remotely boot, and if you aren't I would try to remove the network card and try to boot without it and see if it works. Also, PXE is set up in the BIOS, so if you don't use it, make sure it is disabled in the bios, if you are using it, make sure you have the correct server and address to contact.
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    THANKS LYUOKDEA You cured my problem.:smile:
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