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Woo-woo Advertising.

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    I'm seeing banner ads for lronhubbard [dot] org (scientology).

    I dunno what I've done to deserve that, but shouldn't PF be blocking it?
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    Also just came across an ad with a lady in a short dress (and saw something loving sons). From a quick glance it had was a dating website. It didn't look too good.

    I gather that Google Ad's does NOT show ads that reflect what one had done a search for, or sites one has visited.
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    Sadly, AdSense ad selection went downhill lately.

    They are done automatically by Google so there is not much we can do (especially taking into account the fact they pay for the site and our yearly Bora Bora trip). What we can do is to block some ads, but it has to be done manually - report them when you see them and we will do our best.
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    Yes please report specific ad URLs for us to ban.
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    I keep getting zoosk dating service on the mobile app. Should this be reported too?
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    On "Arrested Development", the mother saw the Today Show where she claims "a doctor told her to go off her mood medication", and mentioned "that he was some sort of scientist". The doctor was actually Tom Cruise. :P
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    I'm reminded that I have Adblock.
  9. Apr 19, 2013 #8

    I -REALLY- had to resist the urge to click the link.....
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    You and your thetans have a lot to answer for. :mad:
  11. Apr 22, 2013 #10
    Please! This is torture! You know I needed a good slap from my half-sister as I tried to resist, but was moving the cursor closer and closer, to click the ad.....
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