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Wood gasifier for a prepper

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    hey guys, I came to your great forum because of a tv episode on nat geo the other night. Evo posted a thread that is creating alot of waves in the prepping community


    but anywho I digress, I asked a question about building the wood gasifier and Evo suggested I post this here, on this part of the video you can see they built a wood gasifier to run their truck and genny, any ideas how I can go about doing this? thanks for your time.

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    bueller, bueller, forest? bueller

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    I'm sure you've already Googled "wood gasifier" and seen the large number of webpages and articles on it from a hobby or survivalist or back-to-nature perspective. If you want a more technical source of information you might check out the text Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis: Practical Design and Theory by Basu.
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