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Woofer subterfuge

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    I don't hear car subwoofers nowadays nearly as much as I did several years back. Are they an invitation to steal a stereo?
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    An invitation no doubt. If I was to take a guess i'd say it's somewhat related to gas prices. People don't just cruise around aimlessly like they used to years back, so they find other things to spend their money on. Following the logic that if a car has a sufficiently large enough amplifier to power a set (or multiple sets) of big speakers, the battery would drain very quickly if the engine wasn't running.
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    Fads come and fads go, right now the fad of showing off your decibel superioritity has faded thankfully although there are a few still holding on hopelessly.
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    Around here they made laws against it and started enforcing them fairly strictly. My ex, who had just a regular car stereo, was once pulled over and cited for playing Louis Armstrong too loudly.
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