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WooHoo! It's the deadly kind!

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    I just found a scorpion in my apartment. It was just kicking back on the tile in the bathroom. good thing I saw it because I've been bare foot all day. They say that the bark scorpion can be deadly, but I have been stung by one before and I didn't even come close to dying. I didn't even feel sick. It was painful and it hurt for a few days, but I never considered it life threatening.
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    Math Is Hard

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    You're getting quite a collection of pets these days. Do you still have the puppy?
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    Shake your shoes out in the morning. They like to spend the cooler nights in a warmer place. They get pretty fussy if you try and stick your foot in before they decide to roll out of their beds.
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    Scorpions are fun. What's its name?
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    Send it to me, thats my school mascot...lol. I've NEVER seen one around here, in Northern NM...
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    I used to have a pet scorpion. She was an emperor though...
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    I watched a show on scorpions a while ago. They are just about the most disagreeable animals on the planet. There is nothing nice about them and I think they attempt to kill and eat every single animal they come into contact with. Including their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, cousins, neighbors, etc.
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    I hear that they sometimes go crazy and kill themselves too.
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    Apparently they do that if you give them alcohol, or put it on their back. I have never tested this though, seems cruel.
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