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Woops ! Double Posted ! Help !

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    tonequester here.

    I recently double posted the same post. Is there a way to get rid of one of these, after it has been posted. Apologies for being so stupid !
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    Just click the report button at the bottom of the post and request it be removed.

    If it's the last or only post in a thread, just click edit and delete.
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    Sometimes it happens if one inadvertently clicks twice. I've done so before.

    As Jimmy indicated, one may report ( [Report] button) the thread/post, or PM one of the mentors/admins. A report notifies the staff.
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    In general, if you try to edit your post you are presented with the "Delete" option. However, it doesn't work for the first post in the thread - then the report is the only way to go.
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    Greetings and thanks, to Jimmy, Astronuc, and Borek.

    Hey guys ! I really appreciate filling me in on how to correct double post situation. I'm still pretty new to forums, and I have found that such mistakes sometimes incur the wrath of some. My piece of S--- Toshiba laptop's keyboard is ultra sensitive(known problem with this model) and it causes me no end of problems. I am a slow typist, and even being very careful, bizarre things sometimes happens. I don't know if this was the cause of the double post or not. I suddenly "lost" a lengthy email that I was typing last night, when I accidently brushed against the bottom left of said keyboard, this even with the touch pad disabled. I plan to get a different laptop after the holidays. At least now, I can correct this kind of error.

    Thanks again, and Best Regards, tonequester.
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