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Word 2007 and equations?

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    I am a Latex User but have to write my dissertation in Word. Has anybody experience with the equation editor of Word 2007?

    Is it better than in Word 2003? Is it worth to get the 2007 version (I have only 2003) because of the better equation editor?

    Thanks for help.
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    Must the dissertation be done only in Word? May a different wordprocessor which gives DOC files also be used? I've mentioned this before, but there is Jarte Word Processor which easily lets you copy and paste from TexAide; and I have found TexAide easy to use, easier than using the equation editor from MS Word. If you want to use Word, then maybe you might want to investigate MathType (from Design Science Associates, who also make TexAide, although TexAid is the FREEWARE program).
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    Why in the world do you need to write your dissertation in Word?
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