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Word equation

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    When Copper (II) sulfate is added to Zinc, it becomes Zinc Sulfate and Copper, but is the copper an ion [copper(II)]? or is it just copper?

    Zinc+Copper (II) sulfate -> Zinc Sulfate + Copper
    Zinc+Copper (II) sulfate -> Zinc Sulfate + Copper (II)
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    Depends on the medium of reaction... :wink: For example if Cu(II)SO_{4} is solid (anhidrous) crystal and u add a piece of solid zinc,there would be no chemical reaction... :tongue2:

    Basically the reaction,under certain conditions (pressure,temperature,aqueous solution) should go
    [tex] Zn+CuSO_{4}\rightarrow Cu\downarrow +ZnSO_{4} [/tex]

    If you want to write the ionic reaction,be my guest.

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    The first is correct.

    The second does not balance charge.
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