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Word help needed

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    Suppose I have a couple of word documents.....and I collected all those files in a singe file...how do I do a numbering for each document to remain and not to account into total page numbering...what I mean suppose I have 2 procedures 3 and 5 pages respectively...if I unify this two files I will have 8 page document...but what if I want for first document to show "Page 1/3"...up to "page 3/3" and then on 4 th page it says "page 1/5"....up to "page 5/5" ...

    I have many procedure each multiple sections and plenty of pages.....

    can anybody help me
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    I always have the page numbering in the footers. I do believe that if you insert a section break in the text, the next page will restart at 1. I'll see if I can't try it out to make sure.

    EDIT: That seems to work for me. I went to Insert and then Break. I selected "Next Page" from the dialog box. It worked fine. The only thing is that it moved the heading to the next page. I am sure that there is a way to do that without moving the text to another page.
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