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Word requesting virus scan

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    I'm trying to open a doc that I have already scanned with Norton AV.

    Upon opening, Word is "requesting virus scan". Well, it's been doing that for a few minutes now...

    What gives? I don't care if it scans it ten times but it seems to be stuck. I don't think its request has been met by NAV.
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    Do you have your scanner settings such that it scans on execution?
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    Uh I dunno. You mean how I have NAV set up? I don't know. All I see is Auto-protect status is ON.

    You know, I liked to consider myself at least a little bit computer savvy (you, know, being a software developer by profession), but I just can't keep up with spyware and virus protection stuff. I don't know if I've got the right s/w, I don't know if I'm protected agianst this or that or what. I've got NAV on my system ,and I've just installed paretologic's Xoftspy, which didn't help so I've installed Adaware.

    I honestly have no idea how less savvy people manage at all. I guess they just pay through the nose and have their local computer store do everything for them...
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    I'll presume if auto-protect is on, then its probably scanning on execution.. So anything you open will be scanned first. I am guessing a bit, but this is how McAfee works...

    All this Securty for the Home desktop is crap IMHO.. I never have a Firewall on my PC, I do have a Virus scanner, but I disable it mostly, it slows down my PC. Get rid of the lot, buy a NAT Router, its enough (I doubt you will get TCP seq attacked), and use your computer knowledge, and common sence. Dont execute files you dont know where they came from or what they are, dont use IE, use firefox, dont open spam email. On occation use a adware removal tool, and perhaps McAfee stinger to detect any trojan's.

    The only viruses I have had, have been on my spare box when I have been playing with them...
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