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Word thingies

  1. Oct 10, 2003 #1
    Hey, how come in those word thingies above my avatar i can't put pf? also can't write forums... interesting....
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    My guess is "PF" is disallowed because "PF Mentor" and "PF Advisor" are disallowed as user customized titles.
  4. Oct 11, 2003 #3
    yeppers :smile:
  5. Oct 11, 2003 #4
    And also "Administrator" is not allowed too I guess .

    I wanted to Get PF User ... but seems I can't
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    I can't even add any text above my avatar. :frown:
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    Snake A SNAKE, snake a SNAKE, aoohoe it's a snake!
  8. Oct 11, 2003 #7
    haha very nice monique... that explains it prefectly...

    but yeah, guess that all makes sense..
  9. Oct 12, 2003 #8
    To Add Test Under Your Avatar , You Must Own More than 100 Posts .
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