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Word to Latex?

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    I wrote up some proofs in MS word using eqn. editor. Is there a way to conver that to tex so I can post it here?

    I dont want to post the word file using a flie share service because the link expires after about a month.
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    Don't you have webspace with your university?
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    [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] pwns M$ w3rd! Stop using that crap and learn latex you lazy bum :tongue:
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    See, all this lovely word files now going to waste...oh well........

    http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/2792/mathnb5.png [Broken]

    Word is a pefectly fine way of typing equations THANK YOU VERY MUCH. :tongue2:

    ...took half a day to type that crap out though.
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    [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] typesets equations so much more beautifully than Word's Equation Editor. ...and for some, [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] is much faster when composing and editing. [Suppose later, you wish to use a [tex]\phi[/tex] instead of a [tex]\theta[/tex] everywhere in [say] a twenty page document. This is easily changed in [tex]\LaTeX[/tex].]

    Check out: http://www.chikrii.com/
    Or even: http://www.inftyproject.org/en/software.html#InftyReader
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    Where is the throw-up smilie at? :tongue2: You need to use latex bud, it really does look a lot better than that crap :cool:
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    Why am I your friend again? Oh yeah, 'cuz your going to write this for me in text and file share some Rakim with me.

    I was listening to the radio during lunch time and the play the old skool stuff..............reminded me of you. Classsic.

    Right now --> Rakim "it's been a long time" -97
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    I am listening to My Melody right now. Classic song, but pretty complex lyric and rhyme structure (took me quite a while to understand the entire song and some of the clever subtleties).

    So you are listening to some real old school stuff now Cyrus? Have you checked out Big Daddy Kane, and BDP (Boogie Down Productions)? If not, you have to give them a listen; check out Long Live the Kane (or It's a Big Daddy Thing), and, if you can find it, the outstanding album Criminal Minded.

    edit... How long is your proof? If it is not too long I could probably type it up real quick in latex.
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    You dont want to mess with 6 pages of my nonsense.
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    Seriously, switch to linux...
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    By the way, if you are just so fond the Equation Editor interface,
    you can try the free http://www.dessci.com/en/products/texaide/ to produce [tex]\LaTeX[/tex]. You might also want to look into http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/trial.asp?src=mtlogo

    However, for me, in my experience, nothing is as fast and efficient as typing in [or copy-pasting] the [tex]\LaTeX[/tex]. Menu-based point-and-click is too slow, except possibly for very intrincate complex expressions, which rarely occur for me.

    [Of course, the most natural interface is handwriting... which is coming soon
    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/tabletpc/educationpack/overview4.mspx and others from https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2006/05/20/tabletpcs-for-science-and-science-teaching/ [Broken] ]
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