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Wording in a Permutation/Combination Problem

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    Hello all,

    I came across a question regarding permutations that I found a bit confusing. Please tell me what you think it means

    "Choose 4 numbers from 0-9 to comprise a 4-digit code.

    1) If number cannot be the same, how many codes can we have"

    The way I see it, it means that the digits in the codes cannot be repeated. So basically, the possible codes cannot be 2223; all the digits must be different. Is this what you think too?

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    I can't imagine what "if number cannot be the same" means, but I think permutation is a reasonable guess. If this is for a class, you can always just explain to the teacher that you didn't understand the question. :smile:
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    It means, "if no two numbers can be the same."
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