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News Words and meaning (or metonimy ?)

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    1)Some people call this a direct democracy : people choose yes or no, and the number of which is bigger imposes (dictates) it's choice to the minority, and naturally to the one who have not said anything. Some people describe this process as "dictature of the majority", but do not judge the value of this process. (lawmaker >). In this system, the people not following the decided rules are called "impeacher of well-functioning"..or "believers more intelligent than the majority"

    2) Some other system, the people have nothing to say about the new laws. In this system people not following the rule are called "revoluationaries". The extreme of this is the 1 person dictature. (Some people think of computer automatic dictature, but this is science-fiction)

    3) And finally, there are systems in which every case is different and has to be repertoried (DNA and mostly medical stuff, or personal stuff, Brave New World).

    It's obvious that system one is very heavy and lack most of the time of precision and puts doubt on the secrecy (1984), whereas mixing 1 and 3 seems to be the "normal" system, in the sense : we cannot always follow the rule, and there are new rules du to new cases, and old rules have to be abandoned, and so on..

    From this it is sometimes believed that superpose(1,3)--->a ghostly shadow of 2...(?) In the sense : the dictature is hidden by a system decided by people reminding hidden scruptiures or virtual people that are more real than real people in a dedalus of pseudonyms, mutating DNA, wrong dead people and other random generated events (or pseudo-random) putting in the media wrong figures with words from other people on million of mouth...or the opposite way...Some psychiatrists call this state of mind giving that description of social reality : schizophrenia ???
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    Your list is incomplete.
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