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Homework Help: Work and energy problems

  1. Sep 28, 2008 #1
    Work and energy problems :(

    can anyone help me w. these, im completely lost!

    A 0.046-kg ball is dropped froma height of 6m above the ground. When it is 1m above the ground, its velocity will be:

    An object is dropped from a small height h above the ground. When its height is 0.5h, its velocity will be:

    A football player cfan expend 100J energy on the football when he throws it. If the average distance through which eh accelerates is 1.2m what is the average force that he exerts on the ball?

    i know these are suppose to be simple but im compeltey lost :( help please!
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    Re: Work and energy problems :(

    First you need formulas, all this problems are straightforward, so just get the formulas and plug in values.
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