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Homework Help: Work and Kinetic Energy of a sled

  1. Mar 2, 2005 #1
    First, let us consider a sled of mass m being pulled by a constant, horizontal force of magnitude F along a rough, horizontal surface. The sled is speeding up.

    how many major forces are acting on the sled? would it be 4 forces? gravity, normal, tension and kinetic?
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    Yes,there are 4 forces acting on the sled.That 'kinetic' hopefully stands for 'kinetic friction force'...What tension...?There's the force that pulls the sled,F,there's no tension.

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    Gravity - yes. Kinetic (friction force) - yes. No tension.. well none that's really on the sled. Normal force - yes. And finally, the horizontal force. You get a nice diagram of 4 forces all on every side of the sled.
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