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Homework Help: Work and Tension Problem

  1. Apr 17, 2008 #1
    Two ropes are used to lower a 255kg piano 5.0m from a second-story window to the ground. How much work is done by each of the 3 forces? T1 is 1830 N with angle of 60∘pointing to the upper left, T2 is 1295N and has angle of 45∘and pointing to the upper right corner. The w is pointing downwards with a force of 2500N.

    The answers are: T1= -7920J and T2 = -4580J

    I understand how to find the work for the downward force, it is 12500J, but i`m not certain about the other two tensions. Please help if you can!

    My calculation for T1 was:
    T1 = -12500J + [(1830N cos 60)(5.0m)]
    = -7925 J
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    Just use th same. Work=Integral(F.dx) where dx is the interval you're moving. If the force is constant, then Work=F*x. Just split the forces in x and in y and calculate the work in each direction for each of the forces you want. Good luck!
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