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Homework Help: Work done by wheel.

  1. Oct 31, 2006 #1
    A flywheel of mass 183 kg has an effective radius of 0.63 m (assume the mass is concentrated along a circumference located at the effective radius of the flywheel).

    (a) What torque is required to bring this wheel from rest to a speed of 120 rpm in a time interval of 34.3 s?

    (b) How much work is done during the 34.3 s?

    Alright I figured out (a) using the moment of Inertia and the angular acceleration to be 26.65 N * m

    So for part (b) I tried using W = torque * theta
    to find theta i used many ways all coming up with right around 432 rad
    so W = 26.65 * 432
    = 11.5 kj
    But this answer isn't correct any suggestions as to where i went wrong??
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    All the work done on the flywheel is converted to rotational energy. Do you know an equation that will give you the energy of a rotating mass?

    Hope this helps,
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    For (b), simply use the fact that the work done equals the change of kinetic energy.
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