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Homework Help: Work done on charge

  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1

    I've been working on this problem, it starts by asking for the potential, then from that the electric field, and finally it asks to calculate the work required to move a charge from infinite to the point it was originally.

    It's a 2D problem so the electric field was E = (Ex,Ey) and the location of the particle is at (a, b).

    W = ∫F . dl

    and F = qE = q (Ex,Ey),

    My question is, how do i integrate both x,y in the vector seperately from infinity to a or b?

    Do I first do the only the Ex component and set y=b, then to work calculated from that add the work calculated using the Ey component and setting x=a ?

    Or use parametrization ψ(x) = 1/t(a,b) 0<t<1 so infinity initially and (a,b) at t=1

    then do ∫F(ψ) . -1/t^2(a,b) between 0 and 1,

    I'm just unsure if your allowed to have a parametrization like that, which involve infinity since should be continuously differentiable. But in this case I want it to be infinity initially
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