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Homework Help: Work done

  1. Nov 8, 2006 #1
    the question is what is the work done by F on the ball
    so this is what i did
    since F is constant we can apply
    and now here's my question, does the work done in this case depends on the path (curve) or the displacement (straight line)?
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    so i'm trying to find the work done by F on the ball

    and this is what i got
    sqrt(2LH) is the displacement from the bottom to the position with height H.

    So, i'm just wondering if this is correct or i'm missing something
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    Doc Al

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    It depends on the component of the displacement in the direction of the force. (Read up on the meaning of the scalar/dot product of two vectors.)
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    it depenson dsplacement....kinectic converted into gravitational
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