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Homework Help: Work energy theorem problems cracking my heard

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    Hello members

    Please could you help me with solutions for the following two problems that I am stuck with.

    King Kong is capable of jumping to a maximum vertical height of 10 m. He picks up Enrico Fermi, who is exactly 10% of Kong's mass, and leaps upwards. To what maximum height can King Kong leap to while he is carrying Enrico?

    A skier starts at rest on the top of a strange, smooth, icy hill shaped like a hemisphere. The hill has a constant radius of R. Neglecting friction (it is icy!), show that the skier will leave the surface of the hill and become air-borne at a vertical distance of h = R/3, measured from the top of the hill.

    Many thanks.

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    1. Think of the gravitational potential energy.
    2. Draw a diagram, label points and show the energy at those points. Energy is conserved.
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