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Work experience for Electrical Engineering

  1. Nov 8, 2011 #1
    I want to study Electrical Engineering at university and want to do a bit of work experience before I would have to be making any definite choices about doing this topic.

    I have contacted 2 companies who have offered me work experience. The first is the company my school gave me the details for and with this one I would be working for a larger company that will be known by the university. However this placement would be unpaid and wouldn't have a lot of hands on experience.

    The second is owned by a family friend and is a decent sized company which makes control panels for motors. He has said that he would be able to organise work experience that would be a bit more hands on and he will write a letter to the school confirming that he will do my work experience.

    The problem is do I go for the more well known place with less hands on work or try and get some proper experience?

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