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Admissions Work experience for physics?

  1. Aug 30, 2016 #1


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    Hello,I am a current GCSE student(going into Y11) and my ambition is to become a theoretical physicist.

    My goals is to study physics at oxford...As physics is not a vocational course does it require work experience?

    I know friends who want to do medicine and are applying for WE in hospital(They are 16 though)...

    Is it recommended to do physics WE for University of oxford)?

    If so,Where and how exactly should i do work experience?How long does it last?How much should i have for a top university?

    And also,am i old enough for physics WE(I'm 15)...
    Finally,am i doing this at a late stage?I have wanted to a physicist for a long time but is V.early Y11 Late/Early for Physics WE in comparison to the majority of people/Normal?

    A in-depth answer would be greatly appreciated!

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    Physics at the university does not require work experience (at least I have never seen that), and there is no way to get relevant work experience as theoretical physicist before attending lectures for 2-3 years (or at least learning the material covered there).

    I have no idea what all those acronyms mean, apparently something British. Entry requirements for universities can be found at the university websites.
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    WE=Work Experience
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    Larry Gopnik

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    As opposed to work experience look for summer schools. As I mentioned in your other thread, Cambridge offers (which is what I went on) them as well as many other universities and companies - just google Physics Summer Schools UK and I'm sure you'll find many. Universities do not require any work experience to gain entry at undergraduate level however it will help your application on UCAS if you do have experience - Physics based or not. You're 15 - have you not gone any the work experience placement yet? I know my school we were made to go on a two week placement when we were 15-16.
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