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Homework Help: Work input/output in adiabatic process

  1. Jan 4, 2012 #1
    I have to find the max cycle pressure, max temp, work input and output for an engine.

    I have been given the initial air pressure, temp and the volume of the cylinder.

    Fuel is added at 2.5MJ/kg

    For the air i have Cv, the index (1.4) and an R value of 287 J/kg K (not sure about this value)

    I calculated the max pressure using PV^1.4 = const.
    For max temp i used PV/T = const.

    1) Not sure if I have used the correct method for calculating the pressure and temp

    2)Not sure how to calculate the Work input/output. Is the W=PV equation correct?

    Would this equation work W=(P2*V2 - P1*V1)/n(1.4)-1
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