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Work physics? please help me tho

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    i really dont understand the work idea.. im studyin for a test and i missed the class where we learned about work and now im here mindfuct.

    i kno these 3 formulas:

    i dont understand wen to use these tho.. please hlep me grasp this concept.
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    This isn't really a calculus question.
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    well its in my calculus book and im confused as hell right now.
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    Your question is far too broad. That's like asking to write a report on WWII. Narrow your question to something that wouldn't require 10,000 words for a person to guess what it is you don't understand about a huge topic. And make sure your question has to do with calculus or analysis.
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    ok. ill ask the specific question im confused about:
    A space module weighs 15 metric tons on the surface of earth. How much work is done in propelling the module to a height of 800 miles above earth?

    The picture shows earth wit a radius of 4000 miles and then theirs the extra 800 miles between the earth and space module
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    Work is the integral of force times an infinitesimal piece of length, or integral of force as a function of distance, integrating with respect to distance. The second formula above gives the force in terms of mass and distance. The third gives the force in terms of charge, which is not related to this problem. Good to go?
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