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Work, power, and energy

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    4. At Six Flags in Massachusetts, a ride called the Cyclone is a giant roller coaster that ascends a 34.1m hill and then drops 21.9m before ascending the next hill. The train of cars has a mass of 4727kg.

    a. how much work is required to get an empty train of cars from the ground to the top of the first hill?

    b. what power must be generated to bring the train to the top of the first hill in 30.0s?

    c. how much PE is converted into KE from the top of the first hill to the bottom of the 21.9m drop?

    4. For this problem I used w=f*d but I needed to find out the force to find the work. So I did f=m*aà f=(4727)*-10(gravity) -47270. Then I just plugged in the force for the work equation and found out that the work required is -1611907 j .For part b I just used the power equation (work/time) therefore (5388.78*34.1)/(30) and you get the answer 6125.2466. For part c i dont know what to do
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    Andrew Mason

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    If you are going to round off g to 10 you are going to have to round it off to 1.6e6 J.

    For part c, what is the height difference between the two points? What is the PE of a mass at height h relative to another point?

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